Some Thoughts On Soylent


I’ve gotten a variety of reactions when I’ve told people that I drink Soylent. Usually it’s gentle mocking or ‘BUT WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE???’. Both of these reactions make sense… on some level, I think I’m a bit crazy for drinking it. On the other hand, it saves me so much time. I currently drink Soylent for only about 8-10 meals per week, generally breakfast and lunch during the work week. Pre-Soylent, I spent hours on Sunday prepping my meals for the week or was constantly eating leftovers; either way, I was eating the same thing almost every day. Or even worse, I went out to lunch, spent $10, and ended up getting something that wasn’t very healthy for me. Soylent costs about $1.92/500kcal meal - plus one point for cheap! It’s also pretty well balanced nutritionally, so I know I’m getting a decent amount of nutrients per meal. The other benefit is it’s bland taste… it’s hard to describe, but I just don’t even think about it. Since I don’t think about it, I don’t get sick of it. Overall, I like it and I’ll probably keep ordering it for the foreseeable future.

Relevant to all of you programmers out there considering switching to the nerd smoothie.