Favorite Gems That You Should Absolutely Be Using

  1. Annotate Models
    I didn’t realize how much I loved Annotate Models until I moved to a project where we didn’t have it. Annotate Models basically adds the schema to the bottom of the models and the factories. I LOVE IT. The amount of times I’ve been looking through a model and trying to remember what fields I actually have is immeasurable.
  2. Guard
    Guard can be a pain in the ass. Sometimes it runs all your tests when you don’t want them to be run. But damn if it doesn’t help when you are refactoring a ton of your app and sorta wondering which tests you broke (answer: all of them). I’ve been doing a lot of refactoring and basically wish I had added Guard to the project on Monday instead of Friday.
  3. Paloma
    Paloma is another one I didn’t realize I would miss until it was no longer in my project. All of a sudden, instead of having all my javascript in a particular place, it’s scattered throughout the app, who knows where. I’m adding Paloma to the app I’m working on right now because, dammit, I need this level of organization!