Chosen & Multiselect

I’ve been doing a bit of work jazzing up our multiple select boxes. These plugins are going to be familiar to most people, but if you haven’t looked into both of these, you should. I had previously been using jQuery multiselect in my current app but have recently switched to Chosen to make use of it’s search functionality. Here are the two that I’m going to highlight:

1) Chosen

Chosen gives you the ability to do a type-ahead search. Instead of scrolling down through a long list, I can start typing and see what options match. Particularly helpful in dealing with food… if I don’t like almonds, it’s nice to see that almonds, almond milk, and almond flour could all potentially be ingredients.

2) jQuery multiselect

jQuery multiselect does require the scroll down list. You can use a separate plugin for search capabilities, but, by default, it doesn’t include it. However, if you have a shorter list, this is a very nice way to let the user select and deselect items.