Track Workout And Hanging From A Rope

Truth: I've had a rough few weeks. First, I got a new pair of sneakers that weren't quite right and I ended up getting some plantar fasciitis. Joy. Then my knee started hurting a bit. Which brings me to last night. I was doing cruise intervals at about a 8:30 pace and I ended up having to stop halfway through the last one because my knee felt weird. I'm working from home today, so I ran to crossfit this morning and had another knee twinge. But I had no problem doing wall balls and squats? Ugh. This is pretty frustrating.

My crossfit workout was a 5x5 set of deadlifts (kept it on the lighter end and ended at 165#) and then 5 rounds of: 10 wall balls (14#), 10 rope knees to elbows, and 30sec overhead hold (55#). The rope KTE got me more than I thought. Since the hang is different, I ended up using my biceps more than on regular KTE.

The real bonus of working from home is that today I got to feed my addiction to Kodiak Power Cakes and make myself some pancakes for breakfast. Delicious :D

Normally I'd do a run around 3pm today, but I think I'm going to take it easy. We'll see how tomorrow goes!