This Week In Workouts

Despite not running and overall feeling pretty off my game, this has been a good week for Crossfit PRs. On Tuesday, I did a 65# power snatch, which was a 5# PR for me. On Wendesday, I did a 15 minute AMRAP of 5 53# suitcase deadlifts (one 53# KB in each hand), 13 burpees, and 9 goblet squats with a tiny KB. I managed to get *almost* 8 rounds... two reps short! I felt pretty good during that and was able to keep at a really consistent pace that felt really good. Today was my biggest PR day and favorite weightlifting day... DEADLIFT DAY! My previous one rep max (1RM) was 215# and today I did 1x3 at 215# and then a 1RM at 225#! I've been stuck at 215 for quite a long time... I first hit it about 5 years ago? So it's really gratifying to see my work pay off and finally see a nice big increase in weight.