I swear I worked out yesterday, but it was so unmemorable that I forgot to even write about it just a little. Today on the other hand... I felt like a total boss. I'm giving a presentation at Boston Product tonight, so I had to shift my day an hour later and go to the 6:30am class instead of my normal 5:30am (yup, I'm a morning person). This meant I was able to see how many rounds everyone in the 5:30am class got and push myself to DESTROY EVERYONE. I feel like I should make a note here: Crossfit really works for me because I am pretty competitive. Mostly with myself, but sometimes I also just really want to try to be the best. This is why running also works... am I the fastest? No. But can I constantly compete with myself and improve my times? Yes! Plus, races are awesome. Anyway, here was our WOD from this morning:

1-2-3-4-5-6… for 15 min
Box jumps (24/20)
Wall balls (20/14)
KBS (24kg/16kg)

I was wearing my sweet new Physiclo pants and my quads were burning from the lunges that I did yesterday, but I managed to get out 12 + 8 (which would be up to 12 of each + 8 box jumps), as prescribed (RX!). Beat the other highest person by 5 reps! I was super winded afterward and took a minute to stop wheezing, but all was well in the end.

Since I was having a long workday and also missing my track workout, I decided to head over to the MIT outdoor track at 2pm and just do the workout myself. I ended up doing a 9:51 average pace (including the walking rests), which ended up being my fastest pace for distances between 4-6 miles! And that was wearing my favorite new exercise pants. If you live in the Boston area, I highly recommend checking out the Somerville Road Runners Tuesday Night Track. It's really well run and the workouts have helped me increase my 5K time by minutes.

End note: just in case you were wondering, I get paid by absolutely none of the companies or organizations that I linked. I just love them.

Tons of Rowing, But Two Days Without A Run

I got these awesome pants yesterday, but Boston weather has prevented me from testing them out today. The wind is out in full force and, since I have an 11 miler tomorrow, I decided to skip it. I did get to wear them to crossfit this morning and, while I felt they were awesome for squats, they were not so great for rowing (too much chaffing).

While I missed my run, I did still get a solid workout at the gym. Today we had two 12 minute EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute). First one was a complex of 1 power clean + 1 front squat + 1 power clean. I stayed light and did 65# across. The WOD was an EMOM with 10 calorie row + 5 pushups. Apparently everyone else had issues with the pushups, but the row was what killed me. I was able to consistently finish all the pushups no problem, but the row kept taking longer and longer. I had to skip round 6 because I went over the minute in round 5, then did 7-12 at only 8 calories. I am not a sprinter.

Further review of my Physiclo compression/resistance pants coming soon, but so far so good.