Hi! I'm Jennifer Konikowski. Though I got my degree in Industrial Engineering, I currently work as a software developer. I primarily code in Ruby/Rails and Go, but I've been known to dabble in Scala, Rust, Java, Perl, and Python.

I lived in Atlanta for 7 years and was a founding member of PyLadies Atlanta. Soon after I moved to Boston in 2012, I founded PyLadies Boston, an organization dedicated to bringing more women into the open-source community in Boston. I was also a founding member and co-organizer of Boston Ruby Women. I moved to Pittsburgh in 2017 and have started All The Nerdy Ladies Pittsburgh.

I am also fairly active on Jennifer Konikowski's DEV Profile and AskQuestions.Tech. Occasionally, I answer questions on StackOverflow, but not too often.

In my free time, I try to stay active by running, usually around Frick Park. I am also a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and can usually be found at Pittsburgh Fit about 10 hours a week. When I'm not working or exercising, you can often find me hanging out with my husband at Hidden Harbor. I'm also super passionate about politics and I try to read whenever I can.