Job Search Retrospective - The Remote Version

I started my new job in mid-June and have had this in my drafts since my job search last year. I’ve now done two remote job searches and I don’t think I’m ever going back to a regular office job. So far, I’m really happy at Stitch Fix and I’m hoping I don’t have to find another job for quite some time (years??? 🤞🏽).


  1. During remote interviews, have a list of questions and type up the answers as you hear them.

  2. Often, companies will ask for you to do a 5-8 hour final interview via video. Feel free to push back and request that a video interview be broken up. I’ve noticed that it’s less likely for interviewers to think of someone on video needing a break and, since you are on video, it’s harder to ask for one.

  3. If they want you to travel to do the final interview in-person, consider pushing back and asking for video interviews. Here’s why: you will be working with the company primarily over video. The interview process is what helps you evaluate how they work remotely. If they have to have you come in person for the interview, how can you be sure you won’t be stuck on dev island when you actually start?

  4. Out of my questions I have listed, here are the two most important ones for remote jobs: What tools do you use for remote collaboration? How do they work together and ensure good communication and collaboration? These should be a priority because remote employees require good communication more than in-office employees. It’s easier to ignore them… so you want to make sure that’s not going to happen to you.

Favorite Recruiting Group

Mirror focuses on Ruby, JS, and mobile devs. I’ve used them a few times and it is only chance that I haven’t taken a job through them because they have consistently put me in front of companies that I hadn’t heard of that I would actually be interested in working for. I definitely would recommend them.

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