11 Mile Run + OHS PR

Today has been pretty interesting. We've got pretty crappy weather all weekend, so I decided to do my long run today. And due to impending rain, I decided to just go this morning. Of course, first, I had some overhead squats to do. Might sound like a weird thing to do, but I've been working really hard on my shoulder positioning lately and didn't want to miss the chance for a retest. I just looked through all my old PRs and I had never gotten over 50# at my old gym. Today, I did a one rep max of 85#. Considering I had a shoulder impingement (in both my shoulders) last May, I'm feeling really great about that improvement. Obviously part of the credit is mine, but I feel like a solid amount of credit belongs to the awesome trainers at my gym, Crossfit Somerville. They, more so than any other gym of which I have been a member, have done an great job of helping me improve my form and keep me from further injuring myself (something I excel at).

Speaking of injuring myself... I made it through my 11 mile run! It got a bit rough the last two miles... my plantar fasciitis started acting up a bit, which ended up making my knee hurt a bit. Luckily, I taped it up, so I think it lasted a bit longer than it would have otherwise. I would think this would be bad news, but considering the same thing happened at mile 7.5 two weeks ago, so I'm pretty happy that I felt good up to mile 10 here.