5K Almost PR + Taking A Break

I ran in the Boston Athletic Association 5K this Saturday and ended up with a pretty good finish: 26:48. I finished in the top third overall and top fifth of women. It was a super full race (8K people) and I don't think people got in the right corrals, so it was a slow start. Since my second mile was faster than my first, I think I could've really PR'd this race if it hadn't been a battle at the start.

I've actually been dealing with plantar fasciitis lately and it has not gone away. I'm going to try to take the next two weeks off running and any CF activity that is hard on my feet (ahem... box jumps and double unders). Gotta stretch, ice, and get better soon. I know that I can do the distance, so if I have to take time off now and in between races, that's fine with me.